11 Practical Tips for very short and simple technique to happiness – Your GPS Mantra

The Hawaiian Meditation –

 “Exercise the brain for happiness through meditation”


Tip  1.

How to exercise the brain through meditation?

Mediation – a buzzword in the ears – hovering my mind deep within – what actually is the real essence of meditation?

Meditation is practiced to find the reality about oneself.

Tip 2.

After all our whole purpose of existence is happiness –

So what easy exercise should one do to maintain the state of happiness?

Through “The Hawaiian Meditation Technique” –

Tip 3.

How much time do I need to invest in this very short and simple technique?

The time required 7- 10 minutes

Tip 4

How does it benefit the brain?

  • It helps you relax and increase your focus inwards.

  • It is an attempt at self-recognition-Atman dhyan

  • It eliminates toxins from the brain.

  • It helps to maintain the state of happiness.


Tip 5

Why is it the GPS Mantra?

  • It gives you the maximum of Clarity and focus.

Tip 6

How does it work on the mind?

Your mind needs to quieten down to many processes - the ‘n’ number of multiple elements that have an impact throughout the day.

Tip 7

Why are 7-10 minutes required for the process?

The 7-10 minutes are the basic necessity so that the experiences of meditation are incorporated by the brain.

Tip 8

How does the 7 or 10 minutes time work to quieten down the buzz within the brain?

Your inner voice needs to take a break.

If that voice of yours isn’t willing to stop the talk -  then we need to give it something to do, something that will help the process to quieten down.

That is why you need to count to 7 or 10(in your mind)

as you breathe in, count to 7 or 10

as you hold the breath in, count to 7 or 10

as you exhale your breath out, count to 7 or 10.

If you can’t reach 7 or 10 from the start it’s alright.

Count to whatever number is comfortable for you, and in time you will reach 7 or 10.

After 7 to 10 minutes of meditation, your mind is now relaxed as your body too is relaxed.

A relaxed body has a relaxed mind.

Tip 9

What are the stages of breathing that we need to follow?

You allow 7 to 10 minutes to concentrate on your breathing and count to 7 or 10 for the three stages –

Breathe in-Inhale

Hold breathe-

Breathe out – Exhale/ apana.

You calm your mind and allow it to become alert and focused.

Allow 7 to 10 minutes for your mind to quiet down and relax.

Tip 10

How long or how often?

Note: Do the 3 stages

Breathe in- hold the breath -breathe out stages for as many rounds as you feel comfortable.

Hold the breath for some time to defocus from the clutter within your mind

Tip 11

When can we do it?

It’s the perfect way to begin the day and end the day.

Give yourself this gift every morning – it is the best time of the day to do it.

However, you can do it anytime through the day when you feel the need to do it.

Let’s recap the technique of counting once again

Concentrate or focus just on your breathing while you count to 7 or 10 when you breathe in and breathe out also.

Do the same during the two intermediate moments when you are holding your breath and you’re in the apena or apnoea state, and there’s no more air in your lungs.

Relax your mind and connect it with your body in the HERE and NOW.

When the mind becomes still, breath becomes neutral, or momentary

I would like to share two more variations in the happiness meditation exercise for the brain which I follow.

Variation 1:

  1. Take a deep breath in. (count just 1)

  2. I chant “Aum” while I breathe in. (inhale right from the nabhi(navel) very gently-without any force or pressure)

  3. I feel the breath from the inside coming up – all without any strain and comfortably.

  4. Then I hold the breathe in(now for a count of 3 or more if I can and if I want to and at times even less when my body and mind does not permit me to do so.)

  5. I chant “Aum” again 3 times now

  6. All the buzz – talk of the day – and things bothering me are calmed down as I hold my breath.

  7. Then I exhale.

  8. Chant “Aum”

  9. Replace my buzz with all the positive affirmations that I want.

  10. I say only 3 positive affirmations that I really want.


I have tried it

It is very powerful.

I do it in the morning.

But I also do it anytime throughout the day when I feel I need it – at any place – where no one will disturb me for 5-10 minutes.


Note: Keep your mobile in silence mode for the duration while you are doing it during the working works.


Variation 2:

  1. What do I do when there is a big traffic jam in my mind and takes away my happiness:

  2. IN-Take a deep breath in (no space for the count now – so just a deep breath in)

  3. HOLD-Hold the breathe

  4. OUT-Exhale out

  5. When I am doing this practice the traffic jam in my mind moves out.

  6. It takes 3- 5 minutes maximum for it.

  7. This short technique is really very helpful to seek my happiness in my mind and stop the buzz inside.


What is meditation?

Meditation is the highest level of prayer.

While meditating we do not control the mind or stop it from thinking.

We let it flow.

We surrender.

We accept all that is coming to the mind.

We let go.

It then gradually disappears.

It is the highest form of prayer because we do not speak from the mouth or mind while meditating.

We surrender to our thoughts as they come.

Our happiness lies within us. We need to be with it to feel it.

Try it and do share all your feedback, suggestion comment and any other tip or advice that you would like to add to the topic.


Image courtesy:playa y de la meditación; lotus family

[Courtesy: The 5 am Revolution; Sandeep Maheshwari]