How do we choose life?

Death is beautiful

Death is exhalation

Life is inhalation

Just as one cannot do without both inhalation and exhalation, both simultaneously.

One cannot inhale all the time and one cannot exhale all the time.

When inhalation is beautiful THEN, how exhalation can not be beautiful?

Therefore just as life is beautiful so is death beautiful. “Death and Shiva”- are synonyms. The Ultimate deity of creation (Shakti) and destructor(Shiv) of all.

The ultimate inhalation of poison - it is he who welcomes one in the home or “Abode of death” dancing on your “Salvation and Liberation”. Liberation of the physical form Liberation of the Chetna into “The Infinite” again.

This is all what one aspires for. So when creation is beautiful as one can see it, then why not destruction?

all endings lead to new beginnings therefore death is beautiful, just as we have a choice to live life consciously so do we have a choice to die too consciously.

However, this is a very deep subject and requires a very deeper consciousness to imbibe.

The choice is ultimately ours - how we choose life and death?

A conscious choice or a choice which happens on our own and we take things as they come.

Either you make your own path with your niche


You walk on the path that comes and take it as life.

A life which suffices your purpose of being here…


A life in which you flow with the hustle-bustle and mayanagri…

Death is the only our lives are uncertain and unpredictable..... We are given a life to live AND not to be unduly worried about death or the beauty of death ....we are to lead a life which leads us to ultimate moksha.

As it is said in the scriptures if we do good we will go to heaven; if we do bad we will go to hell.

Heaven and hell are nothing.

What we face in life that we are living in, is a living example of heaven and hell. If we have done wrong consciously or unconsciously, we all know nobody does it intentionally, yet we are going to pay or have to pay for it and that becomes a hell for us.

So, try to do one good thing and you will see the reflection of the change of the good deed performed by you in this life and that becomes a heaven.

Our performance of this life will decide the future lives why not live a life to the fullest....

This choice is only and only ours.

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