How do you feel the energies?


How do you feel the energies?

One day I was communicating with a stranger. Ever since I have opened myself with a purpose of "service to all", I am much more open to peoples' needs of communicating with me.


So, I listen to them.Yet, in this communication some are a real source of inspiration to me in their communication.


This is what hooks me up to those strangers who become real divine souls' with their presence.


Yet....When I am communicating to some, I feel so drained out in my energies.


This is when I realized how the energies work from being at a distance too.


Energies travel

Energies speak

Energies can be felt

We all are energies and only energies.

This is a real experience I have been through.

Have you ever felt the same?

Do you recall any such moment - when you really like being with someone either through words, communication, and messages books, audios, videos, voice, or....anything.

This is the Energy Field - very strong in all of us.


Written by Manisha

– A real experience which I feel and have been through recently.

Image Source: diocesan priest: consecrated and sent ;healing hands of light