How to let go the storm within you?

As I am wading through the journey of life I see that the root of the journey and the root of the energy for all forms is spirituality or the scriptures.

In the razzle-dazzle of life if you are into scriptures it will not be a talk of the town.

Therefore the major of the physical existence in this Maya Nagri takes over the razzle-dazzle and you become a techno-savvy, hi-tech, hi-brand socialite by boasting that you are a millionaire and into many modalities - you name them and it’s all theirs ‘or well-known to their knowledge.

You are so well versed into all the modalities....

Ultimately where do you land up......Even after being so well versed within the modality.......To fix your mind           The GPS to your traffic system in life.

At a point you lose all.

Then maybe a storm comes into your beautiful garden of life, formatting away your GPS with a virus entering in from somewhere and you lose connecting with your roots.

Despite having so much knowledge in so many modalities you are not able to run them.


Because, there is a lesson to teach you

Because you are being checked

Because you are being told some message

If you are able to hear this message through the storm you evolve as a new soul, with a new meaning and with a new purpose.


Have you ever been through such a phase?

All I can say is that I relate to it very well.

Do you relate too?


If yes, pen down your in the comments as Yes and you can share your experience and open up one life or many lives through your story which can be a “SUN” or a “Diya” or a “Candle” for a “SOUL” searching for a Purpose a meaning [at my mail].


What it has taught me is that:

You just need to sit back

You need to wait and watch it

Not react or act

Just a viewer to it and let it......


It is actually very difficult to sit and quietly watch the storm but once you learn how to do it – you go on level up in your journey of life.


Looking forward to your experience, feedbacks and write-ups to help a life, a soul. With deep thanks - Manisha


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