How to live life as – “Life is beautiful”


Life is beautiful

As we inhale breath,

We inhale life.

Life is beautiful.

Life on Earth is creativity,

Life on Earth is giving,

Life on Earth is receiving and

Life on Earth is flowing……. since life is all about growing and nurturing, reproducing, recycling in all ways.

We focus on life,

we focus on only the positivity.

This positivity in all ways helps to erase the unwanted Karmic imprints - that is the Karmic Impressions the subconscious mind stores as information. It prints in our minds.

Each moment we focus on tuning and turning towards positivity and living life full.

There can be various sources of deriving positivity but before that why is being positive so important?

Life takes a test for making you a 24 carat gold.

At each step life throws many things at you – good, bad, ugly….. All perceived by the mind. Good are the pleasant moments and bad are the throwing stone moments…

Now what life has to offer it shall offer but, ultimately what you create out of that offering is totally and totally your conscious choice and decision?

It is your choice and decision what you create out of the offerings that life gives you.

With these pelted stone (unpleasantful memories of your life), it is up to you whether you make a bridge to step on to a highest level of excellence.


You carve a beautiful statue out of yourself


Limit yourself to make a boundary wall of these negative memories around you?

Whatever you carve out of it will ultimately define the beautification of your life.

It’s all and all your sole choice and decision.

Ugly again a self generated thought of the heart the best route to connect to positivity to spirituality the “Chetan” the “Root”.

This can be through various means and modalities.


But their ultimate purpose is to create positivity in your mind come what may, this too shall pass away.

The tools maybe any - from OM to Om Namah Shivaya to Om ganpataye Namah today Reiki, Access, Pranic healing ……any one. Whatever you call it - all are tools to align within.

Meditation is the highest tool and meditation does not mean concentration or focus but let go.

Just being with self - a self talk - a self time self to align the internal operating system.

We all need to upgrade our operating system, run a periodic scan to delete the unwanted files and folders cluttered as memory in the subconscious mind. These files and folders ultimately become patterns in our minds if we keep them for a long period of time.

As the CPU of the computer gets clogged up with too many files and folders and we repeatedly scan up to clear up the system – so is the case with our mind.

Sitting back and memorizing (refreshing) ourselves with our good memories  and clearing off our mind with memories of the moments that pull you back, depress you, cause pain in us will help in rejuvenation of our mind.

So, once in a day sit back and relax and do this process.

It is not that difficult as it might appear or as we think.


Don’t we do it with our smart phone?

The ultimate aim of life is happiness and more and more unmortaged to material and or physical belongings, that is – your happiness should not be dependent on the material and physical belongings of the world, but happiness is within you and in the present – beyond anything.


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