Mind’s Mirror– scientific or spiritual?

The mind’s mapping or the mind’s mirror is a DNA which filters in our outlook towards the world. It reflects in all our activities and takes the flow of our life with this mirror of beliefs and thought process which we carry in our minds. The neurotransmitter carried by our mind is also an emotional science.

How do you see it?


A mind without education today is an incomplete mind- according to a general analysis. The meaning of education today is completely different from the degrees we used to hold years back. The mind’s mirror reflects far beyond education.


What is complete education?


Education today is a much wider aspect having a perspective and holding different for different mindsets. What is real education today for the age?


Is it the degrees one holds or a completely new frame of mind that helps an individual lead his life his way away from the superstitions, logic and boundaries set by the world, the society. Now, here the mind’s mirror sets in…..as it is rightly said “what goes in reflects out”.


The twist of the mind.


This is the real twist. Once people are gifted with higher education a doctor, an engineer, a PhD holder….just look at the mindsets (or we can call it the mind mirror) they hold. These educated lots look for science behind the logic of everything happening around.


Question the gifts of nature.


Those gifts of nature which were unquestioned till now, they even find a science even to that. For example look at the holy shrine of Sri Amarnath ji or the Bartang caves in Port Blair………,


They think that these Bartang Caves are formed by the stalactite formation (calcium carbonate found in the water which drips in the cave  hanging from the ceiling of the cave) and it is all a scientific process.


Similarly the ”Linga” formed in the “Amarnath” Caves are formed by the stalagmite formation (calcium carbonate in the water in the cave forms a linga) and are no miracles.

Question the logics.


The daily logics that our old age ancestors used to give us to pray to God and thank the power. They will question even the existence of this god and find a reason as to why to pray. So they don’t pray and say their “work is worship “for them, so why pray?


The transformation of educated minds today is all logical.


When things don’t work they do believe in the lucky charm and call the elephant headed Ganesha, but there also lies logic.


It was Dhoni’s mom who used to pray during his matches, but what the educated youths today will say that it is all Dhoni’s hard work which has paid off. What is this prayer etc.?


There a fine line of belief between spirituality and science. Which line holds strong in your belief system or which mapping holds strong in your mirror mind?


That his educated mind will decide. Once the mind has a capacity to think on its own no one can guide to follow a certain belief system or thought process laid down the years.


The mind will question each and every thing around and look for the answers according to the science their brain holds. The mind  mirror’s(reflects to the society) what it captures deep within its DNA.


Gift of the mind.


Despite the higher education we are gifted with some belief system and we strongly believe that though there is a science and mathematics behind everything there is a spiritual science too.


Tug of war between science and spirituality. Who wins?


This spiritual science is far beyond the boundaries of our education. It works on its own principles own laws and is strongly connected to the heart. The feelings which we hold for the spiritual power.


Many of us have felt it and believe it. We hold this science in our minds and the spirituality too in our hearts.


It is often said that when science fails spirituality leads. When violence failed India won freedom by the principal of non-violence. There are innumerable examples where the belief system of the individual has triumphed over science. There are many evidences in history.


Visualize your mind and judge for yourself, which belief system holds strong for you? Which mind mapping do you reflect strongly?

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