Reiki-“Way of Life”

Introduction to Reiki

It is a Japanese technique of revitalizing the life force energy from the universe that flows within us. When the life force energy is low we feel fall sick or feel stress.

 Reiki                Rei           means God's wisdom /higher power

                          Ki             means life force energy

                     Universal life force energy

Reiki works at three levels

  • Spiritually

  • Mentally

  • Physically

We all have the power to heal ourselves.

We all have a child within us who heals much faster and connect very strongly with the energies around himself or herself..

With time as our focus shifts to the external sources we lose the ability to clearly see within. So here Reiki acts as a bridge to connect us with our inner self. It is a bridge that connects the modern way of life with the ancient healing technique.

 There is a Buddhist proverb which says when a student is ready the teacher appears. This is often true in the case of Reiki.

You find the Reiki course at just the perfect time in your life you need it.

Just like you choose to make Reiki a part of your life Reiki too chooses you as a channel you are fit for at that time.

Reiki works as an intelligent universal life force connecting us and taking us to where we need to reach.

All living  things have a life force e  

k i - c h i - Prana - s o u l

How can we keep this energy at an optimum level?

  • Nutritious food

  • Spend time with nature

  • Outdoors

  • Meditate it helps to maintain a clear state of mind and focus on your breath

Reiki helps in opening up to the life force energy. It helps you to realize this energy and helps you to connect with it.

 Reiki teachers the practice of gratitude for all. Reiki is very simple very safe and everyone can use it.

It is very effective in curing all types of illness the simple technique to learn Reiki is that it is transferred from a master to a student through and attunement process. Then a student can dive into the universal life forces of energy and tap into from the unlimited supply of the energy.

It is easy irrespective of caste, creed age or anything like intelligence, color, boundaries.

It is beyond boundaries and limitless - infinite in nature. Reiki works despite your belief system it connects you to the universe.

Reiki is not a religion it is beyond religion yet there are some Reiki ideals introduced by Dr. Micau Usui which we practice in Reiki. There are some ethical ideals to promote peace, love, harmony, honesty which are universal to all. The five principles of Dr Micau Usui were introduced to all to add spiritual balance to the practice of Reiki.

Reiki is much more than just the use of energy.

It is important for the client to actively participate in the healing session and accept responsibility for his or her healing. It involves a very active commitment to improve by the user in order to heal completely and be a part of the system completely. Reiki practice helps to heal the past live in the present and activate the energies for the future.

Level 1 Reiki

  • You can touch and heal yourself

  • Touch and heal others e healing in the present

 Level 2 Reiki

From Reiki channel 2 –

We can start the use of symbols.

Being attuned to level 2 you can send energy to all the future incidence             like surgery,  meeting, job interview, contract meeting, important events etc.

  • You can give Reiki to your family

  • You can give Reiki to children

  • You can give Reiki to for Vastu remedies

  • You can give Reiki for education

In short from channel to you can send healing to all sides of life.

Practice Reiki first on self,

then heal others – plants, animals, any living thing through which energy flows.

It involves a continuous practice of at least 21 days to three months for self cleaning before you can reach the next higher levels.

Just as you choose the energies of the Universe, they too choose you.

Reiki is magical those who have experienced:

  • Changes in their life

  • In their mind and heart

  • In their personal and professional life

  • In their existence

Know the beauty of this technique; else souls keep searching for peace within.

The dedications with which you choose Reiki so does Reiki choose you.

They are really blessed and fortunate who come to know this beautiful art and are able to practice it.

Else they keep searching and searching for a very for a way out and their search never ends….

Reiki is a way of life.

Reiki chooses you only then you can become a part of it.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Let’s start to change and heal our lives by this Universal Life force energy system.

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