Astrology - A Science or a belief system – what works behind it?


The real science behind astrology catches our mind once in a while, how learned or unlearned we are. The curiosity is a magnet, and we cannot resist this science.


Research has gone in this field since time immortal, yet …yet our mind still questions this science and its accuracy on events.



What is it?

Astral Science/Mathematics/Belief System

Astrology is the astral science. A complete mathematical formula.

The set of events is planned according to the study. In that case if everything is already pre decided and pre destined in our faith, we should get it anyhow.

Here it is when we question the planetary science?

Why do we need to strive to achieve it if it is pre destined for us?


Astrology-as we all know:

“Astrology is the heavenly bodies-the sun, the moon, the nine planets, the stars, the constellations-that have influence on earth and earthly events”.

These events affect all of us too.


We need to strive because although it is pre destined we need to do our karmas to achieve it. The process of achieving it may be easy if it is determined for us.

What if it is not written in our planetary stars, yet we aspire to achieve it.

Now comes the theory of “belief system” that is confusing.


What is this belief system?


On one hand we feel that although it is not for us we make all efforts to change it.

We wear stones/rattans to nullify the negative effects of our planetary houses, chant mantras for the specific planet and make all efforts to nullify the negative effects.


Yet many times we don’t get the desired results. Why?


What is it that has failed us? -

The answer is our belief system.


Our belief system has very strong roots in all facets of life. How? The answer lies within us.

If we have a passion, a dream, a vision and we want to fulfill it. We do our karmas to reach that goal. Many interruptions or hurdles reach our way yet, we do not give up.



Live examples of belief system:


Let us see M.S.Dhooni. He has a strong passion for cricket. He discontinued his studies after class 12; he gave up his job as a T.T at the railway station and focused only on cricket.


His belief to win in the game was very strong and powerful. If he had left it all only on planets and the astral science. Could he have done it?



Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has created a history in his short tenure.

We can see the passion he has for his work; we can see very clearly that his belief system is so strong that he has made impossible things possible. Right from relations with America, to fight against terrorism, fight against corruption and many more.

Not to forget the apt reply he gave against the attack on Kashmir by the neighboring country in 2016.It is all a milestone achievement.

All could be possible because of Modi ji’s strong belief in himself to improve things. He did not fear his planets or his past failures or let his past success to hover him.

It was very clear that only and only his belief system that proved “as you so sow so shall you reap”, be it belief system or karmas.

The astral science is one part, but the belief system is the bigger part which we mostly overlook.

If everything is determined through the astral science then why have the other prime ministers not been able to achieve these milestone results?

Why has Dhoni been rated the finest captains’ of his time?

The late Mr.Dhirubhaia Ambani-not to mention it was only his vision and strong belief that laid the foundation of the Reliance group of industries.


Karmas and belief system:


It is the science of belief within us that brings the result through the karmas-the change we aspire to see…not the pre determined planetary positions or the rattans we wear to nullify the negative planetary positions that help us reach our goals and drive our passion.


The choice lies within you-the science of belief and karmas or the science of pre determined planets - which is stronger for you?