Technology tucks to save environment. Go Green.


Man and technology have become best friends but nature’s worst enemy. Now man is trying to harmonize nature and technology to save environment. It has become a challenge for him to keep his passion with technology and regain “Mother Earth’s” youthfulness. How far..?And how much success…time will tell us.

 Man and technology:

The world is engulfed with technology and technology has made life easy. As life becomes easy there are after effects too. Therefore in order the combat this “Go Green” has become the norm to save environment.

As “Global warming” has reached its peak, man has started opting for plans to curb these side effects but keep techno friendly.

As man strived for options to protect nature and stop its destruction he invented many nature friendly technologies for life.

Energy is consumed in many forms.

Solar energy is one of them.


Technology and environment:


Alternative source of energy to save environment.


A few go green achievements:


Kochi airport is the world’s first airport to completely operate on solar power.


The Cochin International Airport is the world’s first solar airport that no longer pays for huge electricity bills.

The plan materialized because the managers at the airport were fed up with the hefty bills and took command over the situation. They started adding solar panels. Initially they added them on the roof of the arrival terminals which became a success and gradually lead to the entire airport being solar powered.

This saved the airport from all the electricity bills and a major achievement was that it saved the environment by using the sun’s energy in the optimum way.

According to a survey the solar power will avoid more than three lakh metric tons of carbon emissions in the next twenty-five years.


Now after the success of Kochi airport, Hyderabad airport too takes up plans to go solar.


The world’s first solar power cricket stadium is Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy stadium.


Cricket is a popular and much liked sport in India.

  1. Chinnaswamy stadium is one of the best cricket stadiums in the country. The Green wicket Campaign has helped to convert the stadium into a Green Stadium.

Thus adding one more step towards the go green project.



World’s first hydrogen power and zero emition passenger train was recently unveiled in Germany.


The train is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and emits steam and condensed water. This makes it a much quieter (noise free) and eco-friendly train compared to the diesel trains in the country.

The source of fuel is carbon neutral as hydrogen or H2 used by train comes from the waste byproducts from chemical industry and other manufacturers.

It will have a speed of about 87 miles per hour and hydrogen storage capacity for 497 mile range. The excess energy can be stored with onboard lithium batteries.

It has been launched [ December2017 ].



Clean space to be launched by Japan to clean the space.


Man stared its affair with space and explored space.

As he stared visiting space on and off he forgot that space too will get soiled and he needs to clean it up.

JAXA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launched the space junk collector having magnetic tether to clean up the space debris.


It launched the Space Garbage Truck into orbit to collect the millions of trash left by satellites and rockets into space.


Vision and Mission:

A different vision with a new concept can bring some great changes in the concept of life and come out of the traditional standards to enjoy life and change the world and save environment. One needs to explore and share their wild thoughts with experiments to give new vision to the world of energy and implement “go green”, so that this energy can be passed on to the next generation.


Image source:renewable energy for a renewed world;energy efficiency;human development index animation