20 Easy Tips on how to learn a Language

Language is a mode of communication. It is a tool to connect smoothly. Yet at times it becomes a little too tough to grasp and use a language.


Today I will share some easy tips on how to learn a language.

Tip 1.Speaking or writing a language is an art.

Tip 2.Whereas the rules and protocols applied is the science or maths.

Tip 3.How did you learn the language you presently know?

Tip 4.By seeing people around us speak. Mostly in our home.

Tip 5.Picking up words, then sentences the ascent of the speaker and then speaking on our own.

Tip 6.Then we went to school to learn. Learn the words, then the sentences, and then use on our own.

Tip 7.After we are done with the learning and then understanding the meaning and usage on our own, was how we could use them.

Tip 8.Follow the same principle for English or any other language that is your need to learn now.

Tip 9.Why is there a need to learn the language?

Think deep….

Tip 10. Is there an “emotional attachment” to your need to learn the language?

Think deep….

Tip 11.The “emotional factor” helps to keep you motivated and focus on your goals for a longer time.

Tip 12.Look for your emotional trigger to keep you hooked on to your goal – to learn a language.

Tip 13.Now how to start the learning step by step covering all the stages:

  1. Reading-

Newspaper/ Motivational Speech/ Journals/ Magazines/ Books/ etc.

  1. Listening-

News (English)

Listen to the English(the language you wish to learn) and Hindi(the language you understand best) news both - to understand the words, sentences, flow, ascent, pronunciation, tonality, body language and above all maybe you like a particular news reader while he/she is speaking.

Maybe you enjoy watching that anchor and take her/him as your mentor for the language you wish to master.

  1. Writing-

Write new words, their meaning, and usage in your journal(diary). This will increase your level of clarity and measure how much you are actually learning.

  1. Talking-

Talk either by reading the newspaper aloud. Don’t be very loud but loud enough to understand the pronunciation and get comfortable speaking the words.

Talk to yourself-write on a topic which you really enjoy. Write 5-10 lines at least. And read it aloud to yourself.

Talk to your known or friends with whom you can.

This is the most difficult part as you are not comfortable speaking out and talking.

  1. Recording-

Record your voice on your mobile and listen to it.

It may sound unpleasant in the beginning and it may take time for you to be addicted to your voice.

But do not stop recording.

Even if you do not get anyone to talk to the voice recording really helps to boost your confidence and practice of speaking.

This will work wonders –

Read with your eyes

Hear through your ears

More contact and connectivity with your information will help you retain it for long.

But remember you have to come out of your comfort zone and step out of the boundaries that you have created – if you want to achieve it.

“Great achievements and new things are accomplished when you step out of your boundaries and comfort pouch around you.”

 Tip 14. Find your emotional trigger to keep it going on for a continuous phase and get results. Your emotional factor is your emotional booster for yourself.

Tip 15.Keep an open mind to “Acceptance” of newness and “Surrender” your old jittery mindset to become a new you – that you wish to see yourself as.

Tip 16.Keep your mind young irrespective of anything and play around while learning instead of taking it as a discipline imposed by others.

Tip 17.Is it by your free will and intelligence that you want to learn?

Tip 18.If yes then having a mentor in the language makes things easier – because it is human nature to copy and you can copy your mentor.

Tip 19.Moreover, having a mentor will be a personal motivation and you can get your essential resources of words, sentences, tonality, body language and lots more from them.

Tip 20.Last but not the least - A strong sense of emotional reason as to why you want to learn the language?

  • Do you want to tour the world?

  • You want an exposure on an international platform and that language is a global language which will provide a smooth ride to reach out to them?

  • Do you want to reach the international audience?

Find out your emotional trigger and start right now.

Once you have decided on your language and have started – share your feedback, comments, queries, suggestion and any more tips on the topic below in the comment box.


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