What patterns should I follow to get my desired outcome-my goals?

New Year Resolutions-how to fulfill new commitments for the year consciously.

What patterns should I follow to get my desired outcome-my goals?


Pattern - NLP

What should I do this New Year

  1. Focus on what you want-Energy flows where attention goes, and where attention goes there things flow. So focus on your energies on what you want only on what I want.

No focus on the unwanted.

  1. No Negative thinking - stop it

-behind the back or in front

because even more f you do it behind the back it creates negative energy.

If you speak ill and behind the back, it does not make difference to the person as they are totally unaware of what you have in your mind for them.

Law of karma repels back.

The best thing is to avoid negative people and stay away from them.

  1. Don't take any resolution on things you cannot control.

Ex-Love, Infatuation.

If you will suppress your emotions you may fall ill or become diseased, suffer from anxiety.

If you wish to satisfy your neurons then there should be no internal or external conflicts.

Inculcate this in your life.

  1. Don't make perceptions

If you make perceptions then it causes pain and dilutes your thought process.

Perception about people, events, situations,etc makes things bad by taking you towards negativity.

  1. Don't blame anyone for your failure - Instead take responsibility for your actions.

Nothing happens accidentally.

There is a good reason behind everything.

What is in our hands is -ACTIONS/KARMA'S

Take them as learning lessons and moving forward in life.

Take complete responsibility for self.

  1. Exercise is a must in your life.

Movement of body  parts is not optional.

Just like food, air, water, breath -exercise is not optional but compulsory.

It can be yoga, gym, aerobics, zubma, any physical activity to  push and pull your body in a 360 degree mode.

  1. Unconditional love with everyone. - No expectations with anyone-anyone -spouse, parents, children, relatives, friends, etc.

You have done it -so done it.

Give gratitude to every one without expecting anything in return.

Unconditional things progress in your life.

  1. Self Love - when you love yourself only then can you love others.

Look in the mirror and say to self - I love you.

Love yourself by

Dressing well,

Eating well,

Loving yourself

If you love yourself your addictions, OCD etc. all will come to an end.

  1. Gratitude-

To my body

To my hands

To my fingers

To my legs

To my thing's

To my knees

Toy ankles

To my foot

To my eyes, ears, teeth, and all......

The best part about gratitude to





Is that it bridges the gap between

You and

Your money

Your relationships

Your body

The relationships which have gratitude turn beautiful.

Gratitude with your money makes the flow of money smooth into your life.

Gratitude to your body takes you away from illness.

Gratitude is a magic toner in life.

Before you retire for the day:

Make a habit of showing gratitude to at least one person - do it whole heartedly. Remember all his or her good points and do it.

It transforms life.

Gratitude bridges the gap between everything.

conscious goals resolutions

  1. Habit of Action-

We do everything in the New Year planning, decision but what is utmost important is Action/Karma's. It is in our hands.

Results are not in our hand, but ACTION is in our hands.

No procrastination


Take help from your Angels.

Take guidance from your Angels.

Whatever is good or bad all is because of the Angels.

Angels bring everything in your life.

Take it like the Angels are bringing everything to take you ahead in your life.

  1. I will not interfere in anyone's life.

Only if anyone asks me for help I will help them, just like Angels help me, but I will not interfere in anyone's life.

  1. Invest on yourself

Life is for learning.How should I invest in myself that I grow and contribute in life.

Kalidas quote:

Human life

"Bade bhag se milta hai manushya Jeevan."

Year of manifestation.

Don't care for the external sounds.

Be a child and live life full.

Manisha Adukia


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