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Sunday, Jan 19, 2020
About Me
Manisha loves life with sportsman spirit. She loves playing badminton, table tennis and travelling.
 Sportsman spirit makes life amicable and brings in zeal to life irrespective of what may come.
 Each human soul has it’s own field and own games and choices in life.
 If we focus on our capability and invest in developing and crafting our full potential life is much more meaningful and beautiful.
 Life has always more and more to offer. What comes to us we should share with others. Abundance flows when it keeps flowing and multiplies when we keep when we keep sharing it with all.
 The core values
A lot of what I do and how I think has been shaped by my parents my family and overall my life experience.
One has to constantly be a learner to do great and useful things.
 If you keep learning you can serve better. You can engage with clients in a more meaningful way this will enable business with value.
 My expertise lies in creating awareness personally and professionally. The world respects talent and innovation with practicality. How to gel with the modern pace and still be self connected is the real challenge.
 Health is the Prima fascia for all. Mental stability
Emotional stability goes a long way in centering and focusing on the goals of life we desire for.
When our mind set is aligned we can bring a change.
 Gratitude, Acceptance, Let Go, Humility change the world, it’s mind set, approach and brings a change.
Most of us know that it is 80% mindset and only 20% skill set that we need to bring in a change.
 Let’s live fearlessly to evolve with our passions that we hold within and want to live to. As we become passionate for life let us spread this passion through the world beyond boundaries and fructify the essence of our being and our doing with the world globally.
 I grew with training in diverse domains right from children to corporate from soft skills to technical training.
 I help people focus on their mind set in a positive direction.
 Life is a roller-coaster. Limitations on your capabilities according to your mindset or other people’s mindset often pull us.
 We need a push here to execute our dreams, our passions, our belief, our conviction, and thus our life.
 The entire essence is happiness with a purpose and an abundant mindset. This is the real fire of success.
The way of doing what we are doing makes life path easy despite what may come.
 When we are living a life of a passion the rainbow is always shining bright. However thick the clouds might be you will always find a path to evolve for your dreams.
I am a B.Com, MCA, Convent educated by academic qualification.
 Growing, Learning Evolving – doing all passionately and moving to become a Legend.
 Vision – Mission – Tranquility
My passion is becoming my life.
 This is my real essence I Aspire.
Improving myself each moment, each day helps me reach my excellence and purpose.
 This is what I Aspire for you to if you are associated with me.
 Best Better Best
Talent grows with training and learning.
Value values – only when
Values which you value and live with.