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Sunday, Jan 19, 2020

What patterns should I follow to get my desired outcome-my goals?

New Year Resolutions-how to fulfill new commitments for the year consciously. What patterns should I follow to get my desired outcome-my goals? What should I do this New Year Focus on what you want-Energy flows where attention goes, and where attention goes there things flow. So focus on your energies Continue Reading


Easy Fruit Sorbet (Only 1 ingredient and so many flavors of fresh fruits!) Watch the video below Sorbet or “Chuski gola” or “Baraf gola”.   Perfect summer treat Healthy dessert Take full advantage of the summer fruit bounty Lesson calories No Sugar Nutritious frozen dessert Make in 4 and half Continue Reading

Reiki-“Way of Life”

Introduction to Reiki It is a Japanese technique of revitalizing the life force energy from the universe that flows within us. When the life force energy is low we feel fall sick or feel stress.  Reiki                Rei           means God’s wisdom /higher power                           Ki             means life force energy                      Universal Continue Reading

11 Practical Tips for very short and simple technique to happiness – Your GPS Mantra

The Hawaiian Meditation –  “Exercise the brain for happiness through meditation” Tip  1. How to exercise the brain through meditation? Mediation – a buzzword in the ears – hovering my mind deep within – what actually is the real essence of meditation? Meditation is practiced to find the reality about Continue Reading

Let it be Free

Nature’s presentations are the ultimate reality.   “What is yours will always be yours and what is not yours always eludes you”. This shrishti or the presentation of the unknown is always just n fair ……there should be No doubts at all….there is a reason why what is happening in Continue Reading

How to live life as – “Life is beautiful”

  Life is beautiful As we inhale breath, We inhale life. Life is beautiful. Life on Earth is creativity, Life on Earth is giving, Life on Earth is receiving and Life on Earth is flowing……. since life is all about growing and nurturing, reproducing, recycling in all ways. We focus Continue Reading

How do we choose life?

Death is beautiful Death is exhalation Life is inhalation Just as one cannot do without both inhalation and exhalation, both simultaneously. One cannot inhale all the time and one cannot exhale all the time. When inhalation is beautiful THEN, how exhalation can not be beautiful? Therefore just as life is Continue Reading