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Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

What is it and how does it begin?

As I start to discuss this subject openly I do realize the depth it carries and how misunderstood or controversial it can be. Still I wish to share some thoughts very openly on it.

It is a very deep subject and it’s actually very difficult to explain it to a common man.

An obsession begins with an initial attraction. I am talking about obsession in love.

The steps and the proceedings

First thing is a very mild attraction.

Obsession in love or attraction stems out from the visual looks the vocal sound and the physical appearance of the person concerned and it creates some kind of an obsessive thinking which begins.

The second step being it is generally followed by a physical meeting.

Then after the meeting there is a craving and this craving if it happens it keeps on increasing and it assumes and shows as though it is culminating into love.

Now the responses of the other person have to be measured and seen. Assuming it is a similar kind of responses – it could turn out to be extreme infatuation which turns into obsession which turns into love and here it turns into physical love.

Although, this loves initially is only a physical attraction.

Now the physical attraction depends on the age band of the person concerned.

Now in this cultural environment and the present day environment this love is not a conditioned one and after that let’s assume positively this culminates into a marriage.

Although we won’t talk about marriages because love and obsession are away from marriages and marriage is an institution which we will not be discussing here and now.

A Cultural Revolution has taken place and this physical obsession of love – the time and space duration is most important.

Let’s take another example:

When two people are away from each other and they are from different cities – their love equation is different, their obsession is different their physical intimacy is a different.

The distance helps you to learn more.

At times even this part of talking is also missing due to reasons unknown.

Physical is the proximity how do you differentiate between real and physical if you are in the same town you get more opportunities to meet.

When you are away the longing is there and the waiting period becomes a learning experience weather this love is a physical longingness or intimate love and is the same thing is expressed by the opposite partner.

Due to distance and other factors maybe –

At times you talk just once or twice to a person and it leaves an impression on your mind and a deep impression in your heart….

Understanding of love vs. obsession:

The obsession to meet is always there. There comes in an understanding that there is a distance which has to be respected and appreciated.


This is the point of learning – is it just physical?

Or can we scale it up.


The physical intimacy or the longing of the desire is still there but, it is no longer obsessive.

The physical thing is no longer very relevant, although it persists.


It turns into a liking for somebody intensely which you may call it as love.


The spiritual intimacy steps in:


The learning teaches you let it happen and that happens at matured level of thinking.

This is called spiritual intimacy.

Intimacy and understanding continues – the learning continues – which teaches you – let it happen – this is called a spiritual intimacy – you don’t forgo it – you let it happen – irrespective of anything or everything.

You don’t forgo you don’t attract it. You let it happen and invariably just two souls who are deeply connected – it happens.

Thank you-this is my understanding.I request you to share your feedback experiences below in the comment box to open many such minds or on my email ID is [email protected] of Form



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