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Sunday, Jan 19, 2020

Nature’s presentations are the ultimate reality.


“What is yours will always be yours and what is not yours always eludes you”.

This shrishti or the presentation of the unknown is always just n fair ……there should be No doubts at all….there is a reason why what is happening in our day to day lives.


It is our non acceptance that makes us suffer n we miss our peace and happiness.


During the blasts in Mumbai in 1992, there were a few who escaped the blasts near their jewellery showroom at Zaveri Bazaar. A miraculous escape indeed. Unfortunately the same persons were caught in the blasts at Worli while they were heading home ….


One gentleman who is gifted with Divine Intitutive powers of face reading…

He declined to marry a girl chosen by the family ….with no other match suitable he married the same girl after a year …..

The two incidents very clearly demonstrate the ultimate powers of the unknown.


Yes it is tragic in the first incident and trauma to the families…..why does this happen…

Precisely this is the unknown’s presentation…

And this is based on our karma n no one should be blamed…..please understand this.


The second incident amply endorses the tenet of ‘ what is yours is always yours’

Again this is again based on our karma…


Key learning’s are:

Acceptance is the key…..not all we wish to accomplish may happen….


All that happens and that does not happen has very valid and justified reasons beyond our understanding and comprehension


Live your life n make efforts towards your aspirations, ambitions, growth n financial prosperity…..however do not define the results as the unknown will deliver the results and accept them with humility and grace


Our endeavors should be to perform all good actions n have good thoughts….

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